• IFESA - The Irish Fire and Emergency Services Association
  • IFESA - The Irish Fire and Emergency Services Association


Notice to IFESA Members from John Kidd

(Supporting documents can be viewed below)

I would like to wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year.

It is unfortunate that the first correspondences to IFESA members for 2012 is of such grave importance.

Since the introduction of the SCOTT ACSf/ACSfx Self-contained Breathing Apparatus into Dublin Fire Brigade in October 2011 we have had concerns about these sets introduction  and procedures in place.We had received information of various incidents that have occurred.Please contact us if you have had any incidents with the sets.


Bray Fire Service - Protest

Photo from the IFESA protest


All of Leitrim Fire Fighters to Stand down

Bray Fire Service - PRESS RELEASE

We are calling on all Community groups, Political Group/Parties and members of the public to come out and support your Fire-Fighters, outside Bray Fire Station on 13 th April, 2011 (11am-4pm). They are protesting, under Health & Safety against the policies operated by Wicklow County Council, these policies (call-vetting) have been in operation over a number of years and would have culminated in the tragic episode in 2007.


Firefighter cancer is a looming personal catastrophe for each and every fire fighter. Cancer is the most dangerous and unrecognised threat to the health and safety of our nation's firefighters.  Multiple studies across the globe, including the soon to be released NIOSH cancer study, have repeatedly demonstrated credible evidence and biologic creditability for statistically higher rates of multiple types of cancers in firefighters compared to the general American population