The Irish Fire & Emergency Service Association is currently accepting applications for memberships from all ranks. If you wish to join please click here for an application form.

Our vision is to provide a dynamic ,value driven leadership,developing and maintaining diversity within our Association whilst maintaining the integrity and ethical practice of Fire Fighter who are also pre hospital practitioners.

YOUR Association will provide leadership to promote a safer working environment to all.

YOUR Association will promote the consideration and discussion of all questions affecting the Fire service and trades or businesses connected with emergency services and generally to watch over and protect the interests of persons engaged with the emergency services.

YOUR Association will constitute a body of experienced Firefighters ,Emergency Service Personnel who will be available to give evidence before Commissions, Courts of Enquiry, Committees, or Boards of any description whatsoever, or governing, examining or other bodies, official or otherwise, and who will be available for advice or consultation on all questions relating to Fire & Emergency Services.

YOUR Association will promote and support improvements in any laws, by-laws, legislative measures or regulations affecting the interests of the Association or the members, and promote, support or oppose by all constitutional means the passage through the Oireachtas of any Bill or Bills and the making of any bye-laws or regulations by any competent authority which may seem to affect the interests or the objects of the Association.


  • A specialist Union for Fire Fighter & Emergency service personnel.

  • Member led and driven Association who are qualified to advise and guide on professional practice and development issues.

  • Every member belongs to the Association and the Association belongs to every member

  • its YOUR Association, its YOUR voice.

  • Legal advice and services are available to members.

  • IFESA is the only Irish Union to be part of the EUROPEAN FIRE FIGHTERS UNIONS ALLIANCE (EFFUA)

  • IFESA will provide a variety of communication vehicles ,to assist members in their growth and development as leaders and facilitate internal and external liaisons for the Association.