To all Fire Fighters,

In the coming days all Irish based Fire Fighters will be invited to attend a national meeting of IFESA.Another information notice will be issued shortly detailing date and venue.

The purpose of this meeting will be to bring together Fire Fighters Nationally in order to brief them of the changes that face the Irish Fire Service.

Some issues of national importances that are in the pipe line that need to be discussed

  • Co-Location of HSE resources into Fire Stations.Discussions are on going between the two departments about co-locating of ambulances into Fire Stations and use of facilities.Is this the start of a Fire Based EMS in Ireland?

  • BA Training Refresher courses and the Health and Safety issues that need to be addressed in the running of these courses.

  • Information on IFESA structure and policies that have been developed.

This meeting will be your opportunity as a Fire Fighter to become informed of what faces us all ahead and to become part of the establishment of a professional association that will represent the sole interests of Fire Fighters & Emergency Service workers in Ireland.


John Kidd

Interim Chairperson IFESA