Fellow IFESA Firefighters

Firefighters will have received statement from DCC re deductions for income levy for 2010 with their P60's.

Due to the method of deductions a number of firefighters may have overpaid to this scheme.

To claim this over payment

You can download a claim form from


See attached copy sample

Also firefighters would have received a PRD10 Form in their wage packet some weeks ago.

It is imperative that you fill out this form and return it to the wages department, your PRD deduction, should you not return this form will remain on a week 1 basis of deduction ( equating to 10.5%)

“Guidelines issued by the Department of Finance state that employees can only have PRD deducted on a cumulative basis if they have furnished their employer with a signed PRD10 Employment Declaration Form. Otherwise, employees will remain on a week 1 basis of deduction for PRD”

The advantage of filling out the form is that should a PRD refund become due to you at any point during the year, then it can be paid back to you on an ongoing basis during the tax year, whereas on a week 1 basis, a refund can only be calculated at the end of the tax year and paid to you in February of the following year

You can download a claim form from


See attached copy sample