I am delighted to confirm that the members of the PNA have voted by a majority of 90% to extend full membership to our front line colleagues in the Fire Fighters and Ambulance Paramedic Services. It is now agreed that the PNA will have a re-organised structure of 3 Sections:


IFESA Section for Fire Fighters

NASRA Section for Ambulance Paramedics

PNA Section for Nurses

Each Section will have an independent role on behalf of their membership within the strategic alliance which is the PNA. Every member, whether nurse, fire fighter or ambulance paramedic will be an equal member of the organisation with the full rights that membership brings.

In any dispute truth is the first casualty. However, the PNA has built its reputation on its integrity. We will address matters truthfully to the point of bluntness, even when that truth is unpopular. There are many who will fight this development, who will seek to mislead Fire Fighters that in some way they will not be full members but some kind of associate members; this is of course nonsense. But be warned: There will be many more lies proffered by those who wish to stop this development.

I am delighted that we have been able to offer to our Front Line Colleagues the opportunity to have an independent voice on behalf of Fire Fighters and Paramedics so that the issues of importance to the membership are highlighted and that threats to the safety of the community we serve can be highlighted by those who are experts by training and experience in their own service.

As we move forward we will appoint Industrial Relations Officers who are specialist in their own service, who can represent the interests of their own members with an expertise developed on the front line. We will also review the title of the Organisation and consider all proposals which will emerge from each organisation and indeed the members.

It is undoubtedly the case that we are currently operating in the most challenging environment ever for workers and their representatives. However, this too will pass. We must identify our ambitions and aspirations for our members and for the community on the basis of immediate, short term, medium term and long term objectives. We must commit to you, our members, that we will pursue your issues, your claims and your concerns as instructed by you; without fear or favour.

Yours Respectfully,

Des Kavanagh,
General Secretary

IFESA Information