Finally, IFESA has held its first case in front of a third party. On Friday last a case was taken to the Rights Commissioner relative to health and safety matters.

During the hearing, which has still to be determined, the Commissioner made reference to amongst other matters, the fact that all personnel regardless as to whether they are in a union or not, were entitled to use the grievance procedure. This means that we have been vindicated in our stance all along in that a grievance procedure is a Code of Practice and is applicable to all and sundry.


In fact management, who were present for the first time too I might add, did not dispute this fact made clear by the Rights Commissioner, i.e. having a grievance heard. We have always made the point that legislation is not applicable a la carte ; in that it – health and safety – and grievance procedures etc. cannot be chosen selectively by management regarding who the procedures applies to.

To that end, welcome to the world of de facto recognition, we will exercise our right to attend third parties at every turn in order to ensure the rights of IFESA members.

At some stage management will come to their senses and realise that IFESA is here to stay defending fire-fighters terms and conditions by people with the fire-fighters interests to heart and not just for a subscription.

Yours Sincerely,

John Kidd

National Chairperson

IFESA Information