Since IFESA inception in December 2010.

IFESA has been campaigning hard for the rights of Fire Fighters in Ireland. We have seen our numbers steadily grow around the Country.

IFESA is a Fire Fighters union for Fire Fighters run by Fire Fighters its your union your voice. We have seen vested interest groups like the Chiefs and other union’s who represent FF do all in their power to try silence us,undermine us,discredit us and blatantly lie about IFESA. All in order to try stop us ,why would they be so apposed to our presence? Is it because it upsets a cosy cartel that is in existence's in the Fire Service and our presence threatens to upset this?

IFESA warned that Croke Park would be used as a smoke screen to implement change into the Fire Service with various report being used as a guise to deliver these cuts. We have seen the “Keeping Communities Safe” Document or as it more affectionally know amongst Fire Fighters as the “Keeping Chiefs Safe” propose significant cuts and changes to the Fire Service with station closures ,reduced manning ,call vetting and effectively the doing away with the rescue side of the job. This insidious way of implementing more cutbacks in the Fire & Rescue service not only makes no sense from a cost effectiveness point of view but is also dangerous.

Now we face further attacks on our income. Fire fighters are already suffering financially due to call vetting and more seeing their Jobseekers benefit being withdrawn or suspended. With the current discussion on Croke Park underway with the larger general unions in Ireland things are not looking good for front line emergency services workers.With proposals being put on the table for cuts in allowances,premium pay,shift changes and changes to terms & conditions. Front line emergency service workers face a very bleak future. We are not hyping up what is to come the AGSI has pulled out of these discussion because “Given what’s on the table, our members don’t seem to have much choice but to pull out ...the AGSI would not be involved in a process that reduces that pay”

To put it into context and with discussions with those at the talks it is envisaged that the potential of these cuts to a Fire Fighter income is as follows , Retained Fire Fighter up to a 20% cut in income. Full Time from 8% > 12% cut in income. We can only wonder what sort of deal/commitment /nod of the head has been given by other larger Unions only time will tell if we are now looking at the biggest panto in town!!!

IFESA is determined to fight back it’s time FF reclaimed their voice.We are a professional group that has delivered time and time again.

Its time to stand together to fight these cuts. If its a battle they want its a battle they are going to get IFESA will never give in never back down and never back out.

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

Regards , John Kidd, National Chairperson IFESA - 0876588999