On the 14th of February 1981, the communities on the Northside of Dublin suffered a horrific tragedy when 48 people died and 214 were injured in the Stardust fire.

On the 32 nd Anniversary (Thursday, 14 th Feb.) of this tragic event the members of IFESA wish to once again express our thoughts and sympathy with the bereaved families, people who were injured on that night and the others who never got over this tragic event and have passed on.

Unfortunately 32 years on, the community of North Dublin are still suffering and hurting from this tragedy.

The other sad reality is that 32 years on from the Stardust tragedy, the vital services provided by Irish Fire Service are under further threat through the implementation of the ‘Keeping Communities Safe (KCS)' plan drawn up by the Department's National Directorate for Fire Emergency Management.

The implementation of KCS by the Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan, will result in the loss of frontline fire-fighter posts and close fire stations.

IFESA National Chairman, John Kidd said ‘You cannot have fewer fire-fighters, fewer appliances and fewer fire stations without having a significant impact on fire safety and an increased risk to the public and local communities. More cuts will mean slower response times to emergencies, putting life and property at greater risk.'

‘The frontline fire and emergency service is not being protected and IFESA will continue to highlight the dangers this policy poses for to our communities and fire-fighters across the country.'

Media Contact; John Kidd IFESA National Chairperson 087-6588999