Dear Firefighters,

The Irish Fire and Emergency Services Association (IFESA) have voted with over 90% against the Haddington Road Agreement as results from the ballot have shown. This document was discussed at length at a recent National Meeting which saw delegates from both full time and retained from all over the country making the journey to Sallins in County Kildare. It was felt by all concerned that firefighters have given enough already and simply do not have any more to give, the shameful demands and cutbacks being made on the frontline on a day to day basis is having devastating effects on the personnel who are struggling to cope with the effects both on a personal and professional basis. As before this agreement can be revisited by the Government at any stage and their track record in this regard speaks for itself.

Many IFESA members are perhaps left wondering, what of the 24/ 7 Alliance? , or, How is it that IFESA seem to be the only ones who voted ‘No'. The simple answer is that all other unions just like ourselves vote independently on such matters so that the true voice of their members is heard. Coming together under the banner of the 24/7 Alliance helped secure rejection of the Croke park 2 deal which paved the way for a new set of proposals , which members of other 24/7 Alliance unions felt while not ideal they will try to live with for fear of something worse being imposed as was the government line.

Regardless of this IFESA members have shown their opposition towards the Haddington Road Agreement and its implications. We will collectively continue our efforts to fight for the greater good of Firefighters in this country and I hope that Firefighters continue to stand united together in pursuit of this. I would also like to apologise for any inconvenience that may have occurred with regard to ballot papers for a small number of members.

Yours sincerely, John Kidd.

IFESA is affiliated to the Psychiatric Nurses Association.

Media Contacts: John Kidd , National Chairman IFESA 087 6588999