From time to time IFESA receives information from Fire Fighters and members of the public in relation to incidents and running of Brigades.There are many issue that we have not highlighted that would be of concern to us.

There is a fear from Fire Fighters that should they try and expose any wrong doing in the Fire Service or information of any sort that they would be unfairly treated by management.Recently we would have seen the The Protected Disclosures Bill 2013,this was intended to address what the minister described as a significant gap in Ireland's legal framework.In our opinion this Bill has yet to offer the protection needed to whistleblowers.

With the sentencing of Wicklow CoCo in relation to the deaths of Mark O'Shaughnessy (26) and Sub Officer Brian Murray (46) happening on the 31st July 2013.This will see an end of this part of the trial.IFESA has been very vocal in calling for a Public enquiry in what happened in Bray but also into the running of the entire Irish Fire Service.

IFESA will now be highlighting every issue in relation to the miss management of the Irish Fire Service this will start in the coming days.The first issue is the lack of a Foam Tender in Dublin Fire Brigade and how the process to tender and build one is now in its 8 years with final payment made 5 years ago and still nothing to show.

This confidential report was compiled in November 2013 by Dublin Fire Brigade Operational Officers it gives an insight to what went on in the preceding 7 years of the Foam Tenders life.

This report clearly shows that Dublin City Council and Dublin Fire Brigade have knowingly endanger the Citizens of Dublin as well as the Fire Fighters that serve them.This is not the first time that Dublin City Council and Dublin Fire Brigade have endangered the Citizens of Dublin and its Fire Fighters.

A few weeks ago IFESA received a Confidential report from an unnamed source in relation to the DFB Foam Tender.Some of this info will be of no surprise to operational Fire Fighters but to citizens of Dublin will be eye opening into the culture that has evolved in the Fire Service in Ireland . Having reviewed this information carefully and taken into account previous statements in relation to it from Phil Hogan Minister, Department of Environment, Community and Local Government; Carlow-Kilkenny, Fine Gael.IFESA have decided to release the full document in extracts over the next two weeks.

Due to the above reasons, we are again calling for an independent inquiry under the power of the Minister of the Environment, Mr. Phil Hogan, to nominate a Dail Committee to carry out an investigation into the mismanagement of the Irish Fire Service.

John Kidd
National Chairperson IFESA
Vice President EFFUA


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